My Involvements.

Leadership Advancement Scholarship

The LAS scholarship is so much more than just your ordinary financial scholarship. LAS is a community that builds lasting relationships, and connections. The atmosphere that I get to live in at Barnes Hall is so unique, and inclusive. There are many opportunities to get involved in the dorm life, and in the Leadership Institute. Some of the most amazing opportunities I have had the chance to experience have been through LAS and the LI. At the beginning of the semester, I had the chance to go on a retreat with others in the LAS cohort. Some of the other things we’ve done are take mission trips to Detroit and Flint, both of which are blogs I have written about.

His House

I just recently became involved in a church on campus called “His House”. I really have had a hard time finding a church that is the right fit for me on campus. I haven’t attended this church for very long, but i’m really hoping to dive in and get really involved. I loved the energetic and caring environment that I felt by the others I met at His House, and when I get more involved I hope I can be the inviting person to new attendees that I got to experience as a new member.

A Letter for Better

ALFB is a registered student organization on CMU’s campus. The club is devoted to spreading positivity in the form of a hand written letter. Spreading joy is what this group is based on , and taking a part of it makes me feel like I am a part of something important. The club writes letters to people across the Unites States in hopes to put a smile on their face/brighten their day. The recipients are randomly chosen on the public accessible I joined my second semester, and I hope to stay involved and hopefully fill and executive board position someday!


As a part of the LAS protocol, each member is required to serve on a “LEAD” team. There are many different teams to be placed on. One group is in charge of planning the Relay For Life, another for LAS Competition Day, and another for planning special events the LI puts on. The LEAD team that I was placed on is in charge of planning a Graduation Ball for the graduating seniors in LAS. Their families and friends are invited to come celebrate and reflect on their graduates time at CMU. As part of the committee, we have to choose a venue, party favors, how the room is setup, and the menu of the evening. I am very pleased with the team, and I look forward to attending grad ball for the first time.