My Goals.

Below are some of the goals that I hope to accomplish in the stated time frames. The bolded words sum up what the overall goal is. If the words have a line through it, that means I accomplished the goal.

In the next 5 months:

My biggest focus at the moment is to maintain my 3.8 GPA. As a college freshman, getting used to classes has been quite a difficult task. Keeping up on my homework while trying to balance other things college students have to deal with has been a challenge in and of itself. I am very proud of the standards I have set for myself, and maintained during my first semester of college. I hope to keep working hard and earn the grades I know I am capable of earning.

Use my planner. My  mom didn’t buy this super cute planner from staples for me to leave it in my desk and never use it. As soon as Christmas break ended and classes started back up second semester, I have made a big effort to use my planner. And I have to say, it does make me feel a lot more organized. I really enjoy being able to visualize my week, and how I am going to be spending my time. I think using it has made me a lot more efficient, and I would like to continue to use it more and more.

One of the things I have struggled with is finding somewhere I belong on campus. I have looked into a couple different clubs, and nothing has really jumped out at me as something that is really “me”. I hope to find an RSO that I am passionate about, and can devote my time to.

In the next year:

I hope that within the next year I find a major that I am passionate about, and could see myself loving an occupation in. I came to college undecided in what I want to spend the rest of my life doing, and I am constantly terrified at the fact I still don’t know what that is. I know CMU offers assistance and aid to students trying to figure this out, and I just need to reach out and take advantage of the amazing staff CMU has to offer.

Join a research lab. Here at CMU, there are many amazing research labs to involve myself in. I would like to check them all out, and join one to 

In the next 5 years:

Every day that passes, I know that I am one day closer to going back to Yosemite California. I desperately want to go back to my favorite national park, preferably with some of my closest friends. My best friend Rick and I are planning on going together and hiking to the top of Half Dome. I went to Yosemite the summer after I graduated high school, and Rick has never been. I want to be with him the first time he goes so I can see the look on his face when he takes in all the beauty that Yosemite has to offer.

Get into Graduate School: I am not sure which school I would like to attend yet, but I would love to go somewhere out of state.


Go skydiving. As cliche of a goal as it may be, it is still something that I want to do. I don’t crave the thrill or rush of possibly plummeting to my death, but my best friend does, and therefore it is something that I want to do with him. I want to be there for him the same way he is for me. If this is what its going to take, i’m definitely up for the challenge.

In the next 10 years:

I want to be married to the love of my life by the time I am 26. I look forward to starting my life with my future husband each and every day.

I want to graduate with my Ph.D in Toxicology from the graduate school of my choosing.

I have a few things on my bucket list that I hope I will have accomplished in this 10 year timespan. I want to visit every national park, and I want to try every blizzard flavor at Dairy Queen

Hopefully once I figure out my major, I will have a steady job that pays the bills and is something I love.