About Me.

Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Makenna. I was born in Traverse City, MI on January 27th, 1998 to David and Vicki Hogerheide. We live in Kalkaska, even though I know most of you have never heard of that before. I am currently a student at Central Michigan University with a deep interest in Science; chemistry to be specific. Volleyball is my favorite sport, as I was team captain all 4 years of High School. Being involved in dance, band, and choir has created the appreciation for music that I possess. Thank you for checking out my blog! I hope you enjoy it.

My Family

I have always been very family oriented. Growing up, I don’t think I could have had parents that were more supportive. They continue to love each other and me, more and more every single day.


My beautiful family

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the role they play in my life. I’ve lived in the same small town my whole life, so getting out of it and going off to college was a big jump for me. Even though I love traveling, i’ve never done much of it on my own. I would definitely agree that there is “no place like home”. I love living in Northern Michigan, and intend on finding a home for myself here someday.

 My Involvements

I often find that I spread myself too thin with too many activities and commitments, but somehow I manage to balance everything and it works out well. My junior year of high img_4753school I won the Miss Kalkaska Pageant, and I had a great time spending my year representing Kalkaska, and volunteering with my court. Holding this title and being able to promote my platform of Autism Awareness for my brother was such a blessing. When I wasn’t wearing a crown, I had on a volleyball jersey. I love volleyball, and  enjoyed being team captain every year. On the off season, I would go to the open gym sessions my school offered, and I would also head over to the middle school and help our coaches with the middle school volleyball camp they held every spring. Volleyball has been such a big part of my life, and I am extremely grateful for what it has done for me. Another big part of my life is my faith. I am a strong, devoted christian woman, and I am very proud of that. I enjoy volunteering in DecoTec, which is a program I help at through my church. dsb_8586Being away at college won’t dull my presence in the program, because I intend to continue helping DecoTec grow.