ALFB: E-board Edition

During my freshman year of college, I found my niche on campus. “A Letter For Better” was warm, welcoming, and I knew it was for me. I chose to run for the club’s Treasurer position so I could play a larger role in the organization.IMG_5916 Over these past two semesters, I got to serve alongside 3 other powerful women planning meetings, and doing behind the scenes work. Our Vice President Teddy was given an amazing internship, and unfortunately had to step down from her position at the end of the first semester, and that led to us sharing the group work. At first, this was a bit overwhelming. The three of us E-board members all have very busy schedules and taking on this extra responsibility was difficult at times. But, we made it work. I would say that overall, it was a fantastic semester. We kicked off the year at MainStage, where we had 100+ new people show interest in joining ALFB. The growth that ALFB experienced this last year was incredible to be a part of. We had new members join, that were very committed to coming to our meetings.IMG_5917 In comparison to years before, we had grown so much in the matter of a few months. We found more publicity when “Spark Leadership Series” reached out to us for our assistance in letter writing to hurricane victims. Some of the spark participants decided they wanted to join ALFB after their time spent writing letters through Spark! At our ALFB meetings, we decided as a group some of the places we wanted to spend our time writing to. At one of our very first meetings, we sat with our members and asked them about things they felt passionate about, and then tried to find ways to incorporate their passions into different organizations to write to. Over the course of the semester, we wrote to breast cancer survivors, veterans, seniors, people we are thankful for, IMG_5918motivational notes for students during finals week, special olympics athletes, relay for life participants, and letters to ourselves that we received back at the end of the second semester. I feel incredibly accomplished when I reflect back on what we worked on this year, and it makes me even more excited for the years to come. A few weeks ago, I decided to run for the President of A Letter for Better, and I was ecstatic to have received the position! As an E-board, we decided to open up a few more positions, because so many members showed interest in IMG_5855running. We now have a full e-board, composed of positive, hard-working, dedicated members and we are ready to take on next year. We have set some goals for what we hope to accomplish, and that has only made me more excited to see what next year has in store for us. We hope to expand our range, and reach out to recruit even more members. I am ready to go into next fall with a positive attitude, and a group of powerful women right behind me to support me along the way. Countdown to our first meeting begins!!

2018-2019 ALFB E-Board!!





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