COM 461 and Done

As part of LAS protocol, we were required to take a class about the connection of leadership and communication, and it was our last class we take as a cohort. During the semester I really tried to make the most of it, because it made me sad knowing I would never be able to take a class with some of my closest friends ever again. Professor Carlson made it very easy to love this class, because she is an amazing person. One of my favorite things about this class was how she taught us the material. She made us teach it. This was a way for us to practice our communication skills all while facilitating class discussions. For my discussion facilitation topic, I talked about the importance of “Powerful Speech”, or rather, how to avoid speaking powerlessly.pexels-photo-346796.jpeg This means avoiding filler words while talking, maintaining good posture, and being confident in your words and your actions. One of the tips to think about great posture and confidence was to “think superhero”. When I was preparing for my presentation, this was what I kept my mind on. I stood confidently, shoulders back, and focusing on the important points I needed to make. I think that that small piece of advice is something I will take with me whenever I have a presentation to make. For future classes, when I have to speak in front of my class I will avoid powerless talk. Examples of this are, “like, umm, yeah”, and the list goes on. This was a good topic to have a class discussion on, because it got my classmates thinking and they began to analyze their own versions of powerless talk. Going forward, I will try to “think superhero” whenever I am feeling nervous about a presentation or speech, because I will maintain confident and make sure to use powerful language.


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