LDR 200L

LDR 200L, or “Introduction to Leadership”, is another class required for my leadership minor. The class branches off of LDR 100L, the other introduction class I took my first semester. In LDR 200, much of the focus was put on learning about facilitation and how to properly facilitate in a group. We got to practice with each other, and even got some hands-on experience on our LAS in the D trip in February. Since the class is just for the Leadership students, some of the things discussed were specific to LAS. We prepared as a group for 2017 Cohort competition day, and we completed LAS in the D training. Most of the second half of the semester was spent learning different leadership theories, and listening to workshops about them.

Our entire class was split up into groups and then we were each assigned a different Leadership Theory to present on. My group was lucky got to present first. The theory we were assigned was Leadership Ethics. Our presentation on Leadership Ethics can be found here. The exams we took in that class were all based on the material from the presentations.

As a part of my LAS protocol, I am required to complete 30 hours of community service. I  chose to log my trip I took to Flint as my service hours. When I was researching more about Leadership and Ethics for the presentation I did in my LDR 200L class, I was making connections to how I apply that in my day-to-day life. Part of the Leadership Ethics theory analyzes why people do the things that they do. That really got me thinking about what drives me to make the decisions that I make. Post conventional morality is the mindset most people should have when making choices. Thinking post conventionally is always having others at mind, and not doing things for personal gain. When I volunteered to go to Flint, I initially was thinking about myself, and needing to get the service hours that are required in. However, when I got to Flint and saw what needed to be done, I only had others in mind. I was thinking about what I could do to help out their community, not about how good it would make me look that I was volunteering today. Thinking deeper into what is the reason I do things made me more self-aware. Now that I have a deeper understanding of this, I have been trying to think about it in every situation I am in. It is very easy to be selfish, and think pre conventionally. This is what I am trying to stray away from. I am keeping my eyes open to my decisions, and others in mind.






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