HST 100L

As part of the LAS protocol, I am required to take a class called the “American Experience”. This class falls under one of the classes I am required to take for a University Requirement, and it counts as a writing intensive credit. We read two books in this class. The first on we read was a collection of documents and essays put together by Mae M. Ngai and Jon Gjerde. The second book was called “Postethnic America”, and it was written by David A. Hollinger. book 2


In this class, we were always bringing up examples of people from history who positively impacted America and its growth. One of our major grades in the class was to create a presentation on an immigrant who we thought contributed something special to American society. I convinced my group that we should present on John Muir. John muir is an immigrant from Scotland. Our presentation can be found here. One of my passions is the beauty of nature, and we as Americans owe a lot to him because of the commitments he made to the preservation of our land.

One of the final things we discussed in class was how blind some people are to racism, and how it affects our society. I am embarrassed to admit how uneducated I was on this topic. I’ve always know racism is bad, thats not difficult to figure out. However, I was blind to how it affects people, and how big of a problem it is. I feel like I have a new pair of glasses, and I now look at things differently. I don’t plan on stopping here with how much I know. I am going to check out the “Diversity and Inclusion” center that we have here at Central Michigan University. Hopefully connecting myself with that will help me to dive deeper into diversity.



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