Spark Leadership is a one day conference about discovering your leadership style, and tapping into pinpointing your leadership identity. At the beginning of Spark, I was split up into a small group along with everyone else. We started off with a few icebreaker activities toget warmed up to the other members of our groups. The first, and for me the most impactful activity we did was taking a test to see what our leadership style was. The four options were Considerate Leaders, Spirited Leaders, Systematic Leaders, and Direct Leaders. After getting a brief description of what each of those meant, I had a hunch of what my leadership style was going to be. I knew I wasn’t a Spirited leader, because that just not how I role when i’m in a leadership situation. I also knew that being a direct leader wasn’t my thing either. That left two — systematic and considerate. In my mind, I knew that systematic was going to be more of my style.

I was shocked to find out how close my considerate “points” were to my systematic “points”. There was a one point difference. I’ve always looked at myself as a systematic leader, and I think this may be because i’ve never tried to see my considerate side when leading. Being closed minded to seeing myself as a considerate leader made me completely write off the idea of being one. After taking that test, and viewing myself in a different light, I now think about being a considerate leader just as much as I think about being a systematic leader.IMG_0256

The next step thing we did was to choose a leadership style that we thought we needed to improve ourselves on. I decided that I wanted to work on my spirited leadership. Sometimes I view myself as more of a boring leader. I’m the type of person that puts work first, and fun after. College has taught me that sometimes you need to branch out, loosen up, and have a little fun. Sitting cooped up in a dorm room all day is enough to drive anyone crazy. However, finding a balance that works for you is important. The same goes for leadership. I am going to try and find ways to make tasks and activities more fun, so followers are more engaged and interested.

In the Fall of 2017, I am applying to be a member of the “C-Team” at CMU’s Leadership Safari. I applied to be a safari member because I want to push myself out of my comfort zone, and help incoming students adjust to campus life. I am going to lead with more of a spirited style if I am given the chance to. I know how important it is going to be for the incoming students to have fun, and be interested in the activities they are doing. Being a member of C-Team is going to push my limits and make me a better leader.


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