B.D.- Before Detroit

Living in northern Michigan, I have been blind to a lot of the issues Detroit has gone through. I’ve always known that it took a turn for the worst, but I didn’t know when and I didn’t know why. Detroit isn’t something connected to me personally, so I never went out  of my way to learn the history of what happened. With the LAS scholarship, my cohort is taking a trip to Detroit to work one on one with the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy.

Growing up, the perspective I have had on Detroit simply has been to avoid it if possible. The city has always had so many negative connotations attached to it’s name that I never invested anytime in making myself aware of the social issues that came with it’s decline. The issues that we discussed during LDR in preparation for this trip is the sole basis of knowledge that I have going into this experience, but I am ready to dive into the culture and gain a broader outlook on the day to day struggles that Detroit faces.

Leadership is not something that you can ever have mastered, with everyday, everyplace, and every new person you come across also comes with room for growth. I feel that serving in Detroit will broaden my knowledge on social issues I have never been exposed to, ultimately leading me to be a more well rounded leader. The Leadership Institute instills in us the idea of continual learning, and serving in a new environment will only aid in evolving my perspective on the world today.


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