My Why Statement

Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk: How Great Leaders Inspire Action is my favorite Ted Tgolden-circlealk. I watched this Ted Talk my Leadership class, and it truly changed my perspective on how I live my life. The video is about the importance of starting with “why”. Simon goes on to explain what the “golden circle” is. Without even realizing it, most people start explanations with the easiest point to hit on the dart board – the “what” on the outside ring. Explaining what you are doing should not be hard to do, and most of the time how you do it shouldn’t be too complicated either. The difficult part is deciding why you’re doing it.

Thinking deeper, and taking that extra step in explanation draws people’s attention. That is the most important thing that I took away from this video. Explaining why you believe what you believe, attracts people that believe the same things you do. So… this is important for everyone to understand if they are looking to find people who believe the same things they believe. Starting with why differentiates the “Leaders” from “People who lead”.

This Ted Talk inspired me to put my next foot forward. It really got me thinking about how I can relate my why to the major I decide on. Being undecided on my major and not having a set path has been very stressful. The more I got to thinking about it, that is only WHAT I’m going to be doing eventually. I need to figure out WHY I’m going to be doing it. Having this outlook on life will hopefully make it easier for me to sort things out. When people figure out why they are doing the things that they do, it can be written as a “why statement”. My why statement is “Inspire others to strive for happiness, love fiercely, and seek positivity”. Applying my why statement at all times will ensure that I end up doing something that I love, and am passionate about someday.


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