“YES (wo)MAN”

Does leadership come from a “yes” or a “no”?

My initial thoughts were: “No. Leadership comes from a “no. Leaders have to make tough decisions, and saying no can sometimes be difficult to do.” However, the more I’ve researched and looked into it, my thinking was completely wrong. A leader might be able to make tough decisions by saying no, but not a GOOD leader.  In most cases it is more difficult to answer something with a yes. Answering with a yes to things opens things up for discussion. Answering with a no doesn’t leave room for discussion to travel anywhere, it ends it. The word no leaves no room for advancement of any kind. When I researched  this online, I found a quote that I really liked.

Smart leadership creates an environment where yes is not viewed as a weakness, but as an opportunity.

yesnoPositivity is key to being a good leader, and saying no is 100% negative.

I know that the point of this reflection  may have been to go with your initial feelings about the “yes or no”, but I think that my challenged thinking created a better answer than I had to begin with. I have more of an understanding on why I believe what I believe.

What I have taken away from this is that although you may feel as if you are in more control when you say ‘no’ in a leadership role, the real challenge is saying yes, and knowing how to pursue things in a positive direction. It has completely morphed my idea of what I once thought was the origin of a good leader, and opened my eyes to all of the opportunities I can create for myself and for those around me by simply saying ‘yes.’

Leadership isn’t hindering people’s thoughts by shutting them down, but rather challenging, changing and reworking perspectives to create forward progress. Leadership is ‘yes.’




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