5 Things We Can Learn About Leadership From Jimmy Fallon

1.) Be Relatable  – One of the best things about Jimmy is how he reaches out to his audiences, and seems genuinely interested in everyone he encounters. One of the reasons he was such a wide fan base is because he is so in-touch with modern media, and his audiences. He has such a wide variety of stars on the show, and skits to keep the audience entertained. One of his skits on the show is even taking the Tweets from his followers and reading them aloud on the show. He is always thinking about what his audience is going to want to hear about and trying to please them.

2.)  Go With the Flow- Because of his rich background in comedy and his experiences with Saturday Night Live, Jimmy is good at thinking on his feet. One of the most important things about being a leader is being able to go with the flow. Things aren’t always going to go the way you intended them to go, and you need to be able to accept it, and roll with whatever punches are thrown at you.

3.) Accept Constructive Criticism – Jimmy is constantly wanting feedback from his fans about his show. What they like, what they don’t like, new ideas, etc. I think of this as his own version of a “debrief”. It is important to get evaluations on what people are thinking, so you know how/what to change.

4.) Love What You Do – The thing that I admire most about Jimmy is his passion and happiness he finds through his job. He has found his perfect fit, and that makes me excited to find my perfect fit. Not to mention how he is thriving professionally, but doesn’t rub it in everyones faces. He is very humble, and kind. I aspire to me more like Jimmy Fallon.

5.) Laugh at Yourself – I don’t think this is necessarily a “leadership lesson”, but it sure should be considered a life lesson. Jimmy is constantly made fun of in different sketches, and is always making fun of himself. After all, laughter is the best medicine.



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