Leadership Education

The Fred Factor

“The Fred Factor” is a book written by Mark Sanborn. In my leadership class, this was the book I was assigned along with the rest of my group to read and present to the class. My group got together, and discussed what we liked about the book, what we thought its purpose was, and what we thought we should do for our project.

First, I’ll give a little background on the book. Fred Shea is an ordinary postal man with an extraordinary attitude, and outlook on life. He goes above and beyond at his job and with his customers. He makes the little things count and builds meaningful relationships with everyone he encounters. The book goes on to explain how easy it is to be a “Fred” in your own unique way. What we decided to do for our group project was create a video. We filmed everyone in the LAS cohort saying something nice, and meaningful about three other people in the cohort. Our goal was to make everyone in the video a Fred. By having them think positively, and say something meaningful to someone else, they were un-knowingly exhibiting “Fred” characteristics. Another thing our group decided to do was to write out positive things and hand them out to students studying in the University Center on campus. Along with a positive message, they also handed out a piece of candy. Going out of our way and doing the “extra”ordinary is something a Fred would do. We summed up the book, and projects in a short presentation for the class to watch. The video came out very nicely, and was uploaded to YouTube. It was a lot of fun coming together as a group to work on a video like this one. The video can be found at this link




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